Outlook Integration

The Outlook Integration enables users to access Aprimo functionality directly from Outlook, which is where many people spend most of their working day.

Pre-requisites: The Outlook Integration is only supported for Office 365. It works for both direct log-in and single sign-on.

Implementation: An Administrator can access the manifest file by navigating to System Administration, System Tools, Integration, Outlook Integration. Simply click on the button Generate File and the file will be automatically downloaded. The file contains no code and does not have to be changed when defects are fixed.

Installation: There are two options for installing this file. either the Outlook Administrator can add it as an “Add-In” to the corporate Outlook application and users can opt-in or individual users can add it. To install, click on the File tab in Outlook, click on Manage Add-ins, and use the + sign to add from a file. Browse to the manifest file and click Next, then Install and OK.

After the file has been added it will appear as a new panel in the header section as shown below. For the web version, the Aprimo arch and linked options are available from the dropdown from the three dot overflow menu at the top right of each email.

Functionality Provided

The Outlook Integration provides access to the following functionality. Depending on whether a user has an active Aprimo session, they may be prompted for login.

My Task List: A new panel will appear in the right of the Outlook inbox and it will display the column of Tasks currently in the Task Inbox. Clicking on one of the Tasks will launch a modal to display the entire Task Inbox and allow the user to complete the task.

Out of Office: A pop up modal will appear to allow you to set Aprimo out of office settings. This Out of Office setting is not integrated with the Outlook Out of Office and is for Aprimo only.

My Chatboards: A window will display your chatboards.

My Calendar: A window will display your calendars.

Work Requests: A window will display your work requests.

Note: If the windows are launched from desktop Outlook links may not be clickable because of Microsoft security restrictions. If you want more flexibility to navigate, then use the web version of Outlook.